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Initial Home Garden Setup

So Initially I had a setup of my own home garden in my own small balcony area. However, I have tried to grow vegetables numerous times but have failed a lot.  But this time I have gained more knowledge of what I am going to do and how I am going to do So here more than the 4 pots Which I have prepared for the plants I have the below other plants as well and the below image shows my current home garden setup.  Captured at 6.30 PM

Preparing the Space and Pots

So now that I have decided to cultivate vegetables and I have chosen 4 vegetables now it is time to prepare the pots. So now this the curfew times we are not allowed to go out so I cannot go buy new stuff - So I decided to reuse the 4 pots that I had already. Left to right - 1. Green chili, 2. Beans, 3. Tomato, 4. Garlic Prepared the 4 pots and now kept the pots for two days without plating or putting any seeds as this will make the environment accordingly for the plants.