Preparing For The Idea of Home Gardening

Honestly, I am not professional in-home gardening but my DAD is a wonderful Gardner. However, I had this thought of planting vegetables in my small balcony area for a long time. COVID 19 struck and we were out of vegetables and stuff so I decided why not I plant some essential vegetables in order to cater our selves rather than always depending on others.

So now I have decided to cultivate some vegetables as a starter I googled several websites and listed down some vegetables that I could plant with a low maintenance level.

1. Beans
2. Tomatoes
3. Garlic
4. Green chilies

Now that I have decided and first I have cultivated the idea strongly in my mind and it has started growing already ( I mean the idea). I have to work on the steps that leads me to achieve this goal or desire whatever you can call it.


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