Initial Home Garden Setup

So Initially I had a setup of my own home garden in my own small balcony area. However, I have tried to grow vegetables numerous times but have failed a lot.  But this time I have gained more knowledge of what I am going to do and how I am going to do So here more than the 4 pots Which I have prepared for the plants I have the below other plants as well and the below image shows my current home garden setup.  Captured at 6.30 PM

Preparing the Space and Pots

So now that I have decided to cultivate vegetables and I have chosen 4 vegetables now it is time to prepare the pots. So now this the curfew times we are not allowed to go out so I cannot go buy new stuff - So I decided to reuse the 4 pots that I had already. Left to right - 1. Green chili, 2. Beans, 3. Tomato, 4. Garlic Prepared the 4 pots and now kept the pots for two days without plating or putting any seeds as this will make the environment accordingly for the plants.

Preparing For The Idea of Home Gardening

Honestly, I am not professional in-home gardening but my DAD is a wonderful Gardner. However, I had this thought of planting vegetables in my small balcony area for a long time. COVID 19 struck and we were out of vegetables and stuff so I decided why not I plant some essential vegetables in order to cater our selves rather than always depending on others. So now I have decided to cultivate some vegetables as a starter I googled several websites and listed down some vegetables that I could plant with a low maintenance level. 1. Beans 2. Tomatoes 3. Garlic 4. Green chilies Now that I have decided and first I have cultivated the idea strongly in my mind and it has started growing already ( I mean the idea). I have to work on the steps that leads me to achieve this goal or desire whatever you can call it.